i called Jesus today to ask where He put my sweater
that was laying on the edge
of the brown armchair in the living room
but He hasn’t called me back yet.

i’d like to think that maybe His phone died,
but i know He’s ignoring me
because the phone rings twice
and then goes straight to voicemail.

i wonder if it’s because i came home late last night
smelling like ash and whiskey.
He says He can taste how mixed up I am,
and calls me bitter
because i won’t let Him kiss me on the mouth.

But i don’t want him to know
that Sazerac tastes sweeter than His sermons,
even though it burns like hell.

He says i need to stop drinking, but He doesn’t understand.
i need that fire in my throat. i need to be warm.
And He took my only sweater. 


Ciera Bowlby
Milton, Georgia, BFA Writing