Scrolling scrolling scrolling
tab tab tab
the feed feeds the starving
socially unstimulated pop-offers
because after the birthing of
silver screens and hologram halos
came the era of everything at reach
of selfie, selfie, selfie
of #, #, #, like, like, like
of loss of self and self-esteem
we’re like um, kind of, insecure
and so definitely unsure
we don’t know of loss or of love
we don’t have to reach or to run
take take take
grab grab grab
we are pushing plastic
and rubbing on glass
eating white light all night
we are the oxymoronic parallel juxtapositions
the nonsensical nihilistic narcissists
self-love and self-loathing
we wear both hats on both hands
and nooses like necklaces
acid acid acid
washed jeans
neon skies, menthol smoke and mirrors
so many mirrors, but we are only
as bright as the flash of our phones
and as deep as the denim we wear
we speak in electronic tongues
LOL BRB GTG abbreviating words
so unsure of what we say
putting fillers like rocks in our mouths
only to hear each other cry
when one falls, we all choke
but a muffled cry is only as
loud as the ear that listens
even death is just at reach
and we grab grab grab
it every time.


Asli Shebe
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, BFA Writing