Gray Skies Over Your Local Kroger

By: Kailey Drake

Alice, I just had the most
terrible dream.
It felt so real,
in that autumn breeze,
under that gray sky,
that I think I woke up
with chapped rosy cheeks.
The red leaves told me
not to
talk to you,
They said,
“Don’t call her Sweetheart,
don’t call her
by her name,
your affection oversteps lines
and hangs itself
on my branches.
She doesn’t want you –
to call her Honey,
in that lazy tone.
Your kisses are corn husks
that rot in the wet of the street
and she watches
and does not
retrieve them.”
I stand lost on the chilled ground,
and the crows
cackle merrily
and I wonder if they know
where you are.
I thought I had just been sleeping
beside you,
I could’ve sworn
the bed was warm
on my right side.
But Fall had swallowed me
in it’s easy smile,


and I think it left you alive.
I think you left
by your own decision.  
But then what does that make me?
A fool left to paint their own face,
laugh at my self inflicted
But, I trembled, I thought,
“If you are not here, I think
I’d rather be made of straw.
Stake me in the garden,
at least I’ll still see blooms
even when
you are not my Sweetheart.
And I will think of you with
tears in my
button eyes
for every tragic second you are not
wanting me.”

oh, Alice,
I just had an awful dream,
call me Sugar,
warm me up with Summer
so I never have to see
a harvest moon again.