By: Kaily Drake

Do not mistake
a fluorescent bulb for the sun,
or the porch light for love,
you silly moth.
There is no confusion in a warm
fireplace or the coils of an
electric stove.
Just like adoration,
they are fleeting unless you
feed them.
Do not hang wide eyed in the gaze
of white trim window screens
or red candles, swallowed in the copper darkness of dusk,
because wide eyes perceive
the hearts of people
who do not contain hearts,
and they dilate far too easily.
Do not strike a match just to watch
it burn for nothing but smoke,
and consider the price you pay
to waste whole boxes at a time
to attempt to get your fill.
What I am saying,
or so,
what I mean to say is that
if you are willing to put so much
effort into a fleeting light
that burns to your fingertips,
and if you admire the sun so very much that you attempt
to replicate it,
why not build wax wings to
try to reach it instead?